About us

Grupo Comeca is a leader in Latin America’s packaging industry.

With over 30 years in the market, Grupo Comeca has developed with greater emphasis on two business areas: packaging, which is the central and strategic axis, and retail, as a secondary one.

In the packaging area​​, the Group has 23 factories, ranging from Mexico to Argentina, dedicated to the manufacturing of:


  • Tinplate Containers
  • Easy-Open Ends
  • Rigid and Blown Plastic Containers

Corrugated Packaging and Pulp Paper

  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  • Recycled Paper Mills
  • Folding Cardboard Products

Additionally, the retail area is composed of a large group of supermarkets, with more than 60 points of sale, in Costa Rica. Apart from the mentioned industries, Grupo Comeca also owns other businesses in the financial services and food segments, among others.

The Group is focused on investments, which contribute to improving its service and timely delivery with competitive prices in order to provide value added to its customers' businesses.

Grupo Comeca is committed to remain always alert to market opportunities to further develop strategic expansion plans with a vision to grow and a passion to create. It has a leadership model based on results and the collaboration of its partners, which allows an overall superior financial performance.


Be an internationally recognized packaging Group, strengthened in Costa Rica with growing supermarket activities:

• Attract talented people by valuing and rewarding performance and innovation.

• Systematize decision-making processes in all fields, creating and integrating information systems

• Staying alert to market opportunities in order to grow and innovate

• Continuously improve what we do

• Work with social responsibility

Thus guaranteeing the permanence of Grupo Comeca for future generations.



We believe in the return on investment and sales, achieved based on behaviors that are closely oriented towards the efficient use of resources, austerity and the effectiveness in achieving our goals.


We believe that respect should be shown through manners among all company employees.

Human Development

We are committed to the growth of our employees through ongoing training to improve their performance as well as their full realization.


Both our company and our employees are committed to the vision, mission, values, organizational culture, goals of our focus reports, objectives, agreements, meeting dates and what is done is met.

Customer satisfaction

We are committed to a culture of total customer satisfaction.



Teléfono: (506) 2257-7490 Fax: (506) 2257-6026
Dirección: Cinco Esquinas de Tibas, del punte elevado 100mts Este y 300 Norte
Contacto: info@industriaunican.com